“Alexa…Start MyDay”


More and more seniors are using smart speakers every day. Why not let your favorite senior enjoy independence and vitality as they experience the world of Alexa designed specifically with them in mind?

You can enable MyDay on any Alexa smart speaker device. Just say “Alexa…Enable MyDay” or click the button below.


Loved Ones

If you’d like to experience the peace of mind knowing that your senior is doing well, or identify areas of additional support or needs, then sign up for your free MyDay Companion trial.

MyDay Companion will send you a text message each day when your loved one has completed their well-being check.

At the end of the first month, you’ll also receive a free 360 degree Well-Being Assessment highlighting any areas of concern that might require follow up.

Find out if your senior is facing needs around nutrition, safety or security, loneliness or anxiety, memory changes, medication issues or fall risks. And help them feel more connected to those they love.


If you’re already a subscriber to MyDay Companion, you can refer a friend.

They can experience the benefits of a happier, healthier senior of their own and share the peace of mind you’ve come to expect from MyDay.

And if they sign up for MyDay Companion, you’ll receive a subscription discount as a thank you.