This is a very comprehensive resource for those providing care to loved ones aging at home. Developed by AARP, it contains detailed information and additional links such as caregiving tips, stories, videos, tools, and even a way to look for local resources to support your caregiving needs.

One of our favorite resources is about “caregiving from a distance”. It describes how to overcome some of the unique challenges of supporting your aging parent or loved one when you are separated by distance.

Meals on Wheels is a federally supported, national not-for-profit with local chapters in many areas. With over 9 million seniors nationally that face hunger issues, and one in 4 seniors living alone, their mission is to support caregivers and older adults who need in person visits and warm meals delivered to their home to fight social isolation and malnutrition.

The link will take you to the Meals on Wheels page designed to search for your local chapter’s contact information. You can also learn more about the problems of loneliness and implications of malnutrition in the elderly.

The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a trove of information about detecting and managing fall risk as we age. Each year, one in four older adults reports having fallen. And over 7 million of those falls resulted in loss of activity for at least a day, or required medical attention. Worse, an older adult dies from a fall EVERY 20 minutes!

The link will take you to the CDC Fall Program page filled with additional resources for fall detection and prevention, including downloadable materials, podcasts and videos.

The National Dementia Organization is a good resource for those struggling with the challenges of memory loss and dementia. In America, nearly 20% of older adults have mild memory loss, and an estimated 13% have Alzheimer s Dementia.

The content on this site is designed to be easy to read and benefit from if you are a caregiver or even someone suffering from memory challenges.