“Alexa…Start MyDay”

Independence, Vitality, Peace of Mind

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MyDay Free Alexa Skill - for Seniors

MyDay is the first Personal Digital Assistant designed with seniors needs in mind. MyDay leverages the intuitive simplicity of Amazon’s Alexa technology to engage seniors each day in a fun, personal and helpful interaction. Seniors love mastering all that Alexa can do, and use MyDay as their technology portal into their own day’s activities, their well-being routine, their community, and the world. And even their grand kids think they’re cool!

MyDay Companion - for family and loved ones

Each day, subscribers to MyDay Companion will receive notification of their senior’s well-being status. Family members will know that mom or dad are up and doing well. But beyond just a notification, MyDay Companion provides a 360 degree assessment of areas of potential concern, such as balance and fall risk, nutrition status, safety and security, loneliness or anxiety, medication challenges, or memory issues.