Welcome to MyDay

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Have you ever felt like you have it figured out, like you could live independently for a long time, if only you had a little help?  Or like it isn't you that needs help, but it's your kids who need to "chill out"?  

That's why we created MyDay.  It's an Alexa skill for seniors that turns that little smart speaker you got for Christmas into a very helpful tool.  Using MyDay every day helps people over the age of 65 keep track of their schedules and important news, provides a few exercises to stay healthy and well and gives tips on how to better use Alexa.  Just as importantly, MyDay provides information to friends, family, children and loved ones that you are doing well so that they don't need to worry about you.  And, if you ever do need a little help, you can use MyDay to let them know.

There is a huge world to explore through Alexa.  We are going to help you learn how to do it.  Just say to your Echo, "Alexa, enable MyDay" and we will be off on a fun journey together.  Then check back here occasionally for new tips, updates and ways to make your MyDay experience better.  Together, we can support you in your journey towards Healthy Independence while giving your family the Peace of Mind they crave.

Jim Evans