For Us, Caring for Seniors is Personal

November is National Family Caregiver’s month. So it’s even more timely that we are announcing the official launch of MyDay for Seniors this month. As a team of individuals deeply committed to improving the independence and vitality of seniors, wants to celebrate those that care for and care about seniors each and every day. And, where we can, to give them the peace of mind they long for when it comes to those under their care.

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Welcome to MyDay

Have you ever felt like you have it figured out, like you could live independently for a long time, if only you had a little help?  Or like it isn't you that needs help, but it's your kids who need to "chill out"?  

That's why we created MyDay.  It's an Alexa skill for seniors that turns that little smart speaker you got for Christmas into a very helpful tool. 

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Jim Evans