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Independence, Vitality, Peace of Mind

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MyDay Free Alexa Skill - for Seniors

MyDay is the first Personal Digital Assistant designed with seniors needs in mind. MyDay leverages the intuitive simplicity of Amazon’s Alexa technology to engage seniors each day in a fun, personal and helpful interaction. Seniors love mastering all that Alexa can do, and use MyDay as their technology portal into their own day’s activities, their well-being routine, their community, and the world. And even their grand kids think they’re cool!

MyDay Companion - for family and loved ones

Each day, subscribers to MyDay Companion will receive notification of their senior’s well-being status. Family members will know that mom or dad are up and doing well. But beyond just a notification, MyDay Companion provides a 360 degree assessment of areas of potential concern, such as balance and fall risk, nutrition status, safety and security, loneliness or anxiety, medication challenges, or memory issues.

Seniors maintain their independence

The MyDay skill for Alexa helps you stay on top of all areas of well-being as you age.

Daily reminders help keep you on track with appointments and medications.

A brief well-being check identifies areas where you might need some added support and where MyDay can help.

Easy tip help you learn to master Alexa and explore the world of fun and amazing things she can share with you.


Supporting Well-Being and Vitality

MyDay’s simple yet powerful daily well-being check builds a comprehensive assessment of your vitality. Taking a wholistic approach and based on aging scientific research, MyDay assesses dimensions of well-being that might otherwise go undetected or lead to avoidable loss of function and independence. MyDay’s assessment can be further customized to match the specific needs and aspirations of each individual user.


Friendly Reminders and today’s To Do List

MyDay starts your day on the right foot, with friendly reminders of today’s day and date, the local weather forecast, and any items you’ve put on your “to do list”, such as appointments or medication reminders. And best of all, MyDay is free!

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Well-Being Check and exercises

MyDay asks a few questions each day that help you keep tabs on areas of well-being. MyDay can also help maintain your well-being through fun and simple exercises for memory, strength, and balance. And best of all, MyDay is free!


Useful tips for exploring all that Alexa has to offer

Get tips and tricks specifically designed for seniors that help you explore all the fun and amazing things you can do with Alexa. With MyDay, you’ll be as comfortable using Alexa as your grand kids! And best of all, MyDay is free!

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loved ones know how you’re doing with MyDay Companion

Each day your family and loved ones can know how your doing when you and they subscribe to MyDay Companion. With MyDay Companion, they’ll be able to assist where needed and have peace of mind knowing your doing well. Subscription plans start at just $14.99 / month.


Caring for Those We Love with MyDay Companion


Levering the simplicity and senior-friendliness of voice activated technologies, like the Amazon Echo, the MyDay skill is the first digital assistant designed to help seniors maintain healthy independence.

MyDay engages mom and dad each day with useful information like the weather for the day, friendly reminders about their medications or appointments, and lets them know what is on their “do do list” for the day.

Seniors answer a few questions each day to report in on their well-being, and help loved ones know that they are doing well. Where changes in status need more attention, loved ones can be notified via a simple text message using MyDay Companion.

By monitoring for challenges related to aging that cause loss of independence…like nutrition, safety, risk of falls, memory decline, or loneliness…MyDay Companion helps loved ones bring timely, caring support. Try MyDay Companion free; subscription plans start at just $14.99 per month.

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